Turn The Page, Another Opportunity for Change

Faces of Addiction

Vanessa: Hunts Point, BronxClarence: Hunts Point, BronxPrince: Hunts Point, BronxCynthia: Hunts Point, BronxSupreme and Obama: Hunts Point, BronxDiane on Christmas eve: Hunts Point, Bronx
Henry: Mott Haven, BronxSonia: Hunts Point, BronxMary Alice: Hunts Point, BronxAriel:  Hunts Point BronxNelson: Hunts Point, BronxMr Bishop: Hunts Point, Bronx
Luis:  Hunts Point, BronxLuis again: Hunts Point, BronxJohn Joseph: Hunts Point, BronxMichael "Shelley":  Hunts Point, BronxShelley: Hunts Point BronxLamar: Mott Haven Bronx
Lamar again Mott Haven BronxManny Quiles: Hunts Point, BronxNatalie: Hunts Point, BronxPam: Hunts Point, BronxPam again: Hunts Point BronxDiane: Hunts Point, Bronx

Faces of Addiction, a set by Chris Arnade on Flickr.


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