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A Dollar And A Dream 2007- The Lost Dream

1.  A Dollar And A Dream- Switch, Hollywood
2.  Come Home With Me- Switch, Hollywood
3.  The Heart Of The Stuy- Switch, Hollywood
4.  Watch How It Go Down-  Switch, Hollywood
5.  None Of Ya- Switch, Tigz
6.  Go Get Your Techz- Switch, Tigz, Hollywood
7.  So Marvelous- Switch, Young X, Bars, Mischief, HollyWood
8.  PM We Back- Young X, Hollywood
9.  They Not Shootin- Young Ant, Hollywood, Switch
10. Streets On Fire- AM & PM- Switch, Bars, Young X, Hollywood
11. The Answer- Hollywood, Young X
12. Go Get Your Techz Remix- Hollywood, Young Bugz, Drama, Switch, Cash, Tigz
13. Shook Ones Freestyle- Switch, Tigz, Hollywood, Drama
14. Its Bambooze- Switch, Tigz, Hollywood
15. Enter The Zone- Switch, Hollywood
16. Stuck To You- Switch, Hollywood
17. Finisher-  Young X, Hollywood

Bonus- 2 Man Team- Switch, Hollywood
Bonus- Rich Girl Freestyle- Switch
Bonus- Hit The Ground- Young Bugz

7:30 A.M. & 7:30 P.M.
Cradel Productions

A few words from Switch- 04-25-12

Please forgive the audio quality on some of these audio files and try to recognize and embrace the art. Cherish the ability of beginners in hip-hop music- a group of young individuals from Brooklyn, New York, who at the time felt they had nothing to lose and everything to gain. The developing minds and souls of artists who not only had the world to build on and build with, but
they also had each other, a group of great friends. This tape resembles a moment in time where we felt nothing could stop us.
We were a team and we had nothing but ideas and dreams to guide us forward. Some of us understood what we were doing when we
sat in that room and started writing what our hearts told us to, and some didn’t. That never made a difference as the the collective
grew into something we never expected, MUSIC!

Now the history behind it all goes way back before it was ever beats and rhymes. Lets start by a brief definition of 7:30 A.M. & P.M. and what it means to me. Soon after I graduated high school, I departed to college upstate New York. While I was there (which is another story in itself) I was designing clothes on paper and experimenting with spray paint and acrylics on garments. While approaching this new-to-me form of art I came up with the idea of a clothing line named 7:30. On the street being “seven thirty” means being CRAZY! Not just ‘crazy’ like the word we use on a daily basis, but CRAZY meaning mentally derailed. A person who is “seven thirty” is the type of person who does things a person with a logical mind might not do. I took some of that and ran with it, but as you can see because of its spelling it isn’t the same. It means TIME. OUR TIME. The clothing line was supposed to be split into two separate stylesÉ A.M. a style for the morning and early afternoon, maybe a more casual or sporty urban style.. and P.M. would be the the more serious, classic, and elegant nightlife dress up style. As we all know those ideas never reached too far and as I returned back home to Brooklyn after a failed attempt at college, Kevin aka Hollywood and myself joined forces and decided to each have a piece of 7:30 for ourselves and make music. We were already making music together, and some- like Bugz- were already making music on their own. We all came together as one big group split in half. I had A.M. and Kevin had P.M.

Theres nothing more important than love and friendship, and through that bond a seed was planted and it grew to the point where we
subconsciously competed against each other. We sat in that room daily with nothing but ambition and hunger, and before we knew it the quiet sound of “who had the best verse” and so forth made the brotherly competition push us past our never settling creative minds. We were 7:30. Many things happened in between the time we were all very close- and the time when we started to drift apart, and that all makes those memories ever more permanent. We fell in love with music more than anything and we tested to see what each one of us was made out of and in turn it made a timeless effect that made me grow as an individual and as an artist.

I would like to take the time now to thank everyone who was a part of this-

Thanks to all who were a part of this. Forgive me if i’ve missed some names, there were many-
Hollywood, Tigz, Drama, Young Bugz, Young Ant, Young X, Les, Bars, Xavy, Cash,  Aunt Margareet, Jack, Chiz, Ant Live, Slugga, Andy, Giovanni, Bernie, Momo, Bex!, Protostar,  Link up, Team Washup, Rat Pack, 2Man Team

Starbucks, Roosevelt Projects, Brooklyn- Bed Stuy, Bushwick, Williamsburgh, Tompkins, Vernon, Broadway and Flushing, Granham, Brownsville, East New York, Downtown Brooklyn, Fort Green, Manhattan- Midtown, Uptown, Washington Heights, Dyckman, Harlem, 125th, Downtown, Lower East Side, Queens- Sunnyside, Long Island City, and any other place, organization, neighborhood, and location in the city of New York that served as a meetup, place of inspiration or motivation that made this tape possible about 5 years ago.

oh.. and I really did have just a Dollar some how some way I always had 1 dollar in my pocket every single day before going to Tigz house.. I can think of many reasons why.. but I do know that I got me 2 loosies every single time..

Without Further ado I present to you the lost files from 2006-2007 A Dollar And A Dream- The Lost Dream.


A Dollar And A Dream 2007- The Lost Dream– Sendspace

A Dollar And A Dream 2007- The Lost Dream– Dropbox Link

twitter @inthe_am
Instagram- thstrynvrnds


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