Turn The Page, Another Opportunity for Change

Bravo- PopRoc Thang

As time goes on it seems we have less of it.

We began shooting this video sometime in the last weeks of December, and it just now on March 22nd has surfaced to completion, thankfully. This is my good friend Bravo, one of the very few artist who I back with my support and artwork. Initially I wanted to practice some of what I learned on my last few sets, so I asked him for one of the shortest songs he had and PopRoc Thang was it. We set out to shoot at night time back in December and we ended up out on the streets of Baltimore for about 5 hours. Some in an alleyway and some under a bridge. A good percentage of the footage from those scenes became corrupted so we made plans for one more day of shooting which took place in the Dundalk area near an abandoned warehouse.

Time is of the essence, using it wisely is key.

This is my second music video, I hope I can continue to challenge myself so I wont get comfortable. This isn’t what I consider GREAT work at ALL, as I like to set my standards high. I would have liked to cut some of scenes better and maybe even had less cuts or maybe even some more, I understand that I am my worst critic but thinking that I did a great job wont get anywhere. As I continue on thanks to Bravo, RonRoc, Blanco, Paso Fino, and Kap2ure Photography for helping the shoot become possible, and thanks to Dewin Handtalk for his support and the facilities and resources that made the editing and the coloring possible.


Edited and Color Corrected at HandTalk Studio

Canon T2i 50mm 1.8
Adobe Premiere Pro Cs5.5
Magic Bullet Mojo
Over 70 accumulated hours
Original Song Title- Fred The Godson- King Kong and Instrumental

YouTube Link


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