Turn The Page, Another Opportunity for Change

Only Good Things

As time draws nearer to the future the past is at an angle because of the many changes we take moving forward. The outcome of our journey will only be shadowed by what we have accomplished. I do not wish credit for successes and am not satisfied with material temporary rubbish. The only thing that matters at this point and hopefully due to lack of temptation always will, is God. Do no evil.

May your hearts content be filled with lavish joys and luxurious love. Only good things to the point of no return and onward. Let the light shine through the window of opportunity and the wind open the door so both our feet can come in and take a seat in the chair in front of the mirror of truth. See yourself for what and who you are and let no mistakes bring doubt to your vision. Amongst us are many who wish to understand but never take the risk. For moving in the right direction only means the hardest roads lie ahead. Un-walked mysteries of man and spirit questioned but only answered through faith. Let us bask in your glory for it is not ours to have but for you to give.

Let us pray.


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