Turn The Page, Another Opportunity for Change

Playing My Part

The internet is a beautiful place to be yourself, to share what inspires you, to read what inspires others, to create, innovate and BE! Well on the internet I have found a way to change my life through the flow of information. I will never be the same. These are some of my vents from Facebook.

“Sometimes really I think id be better off if I was still asleep to what’s going on in the world. Sometimes I think it’ll be better if I was a TV watcher and a Government believer. Or maybe just someone who doesn’t really care about what’s going on and continues to eat the nonsense they feed us through the media. A plain and regular person who just goes with the flow. Then I look around and I realize that not all of us are meant to be part of the status quo. #thestoryneverends truly.”

“I use Facebook as a tool to communicate with my people. Some read, some don’t. Some rather me turn back the hands of time to a point where I was just as ignorant as they still are. The problem with that is- they called me “Switch” before I knew how to. And now I am on a consistantly changing state of mind. Not change as in an opposite route- but change as in growth. Grow up and wake up!”

Willis Aybar Facebook Profile                      TheStoryNevaEnds Facebook Page


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