Turn The Page, Another Opportunity for Change

From Bed Stuy To Bmore- 3 Years

I get asked all the time how long I’ve been in Baltimore, and without much thought I usually reply “I been here since Christmas of 2008” and let them do the math. It never really dawned on me until I realized that on the day Jesus Christ was born I left New York, 3 years ago, and restarted. I remember it like if it was yesterday and I cant but smile about the journey.

Coming to Baltimore was one of the only choices I had other than continuing on a ‘dead end’ path which was only going to end up bringing me back to the same end through a vicious spin cycle, washed up. I’m originally from the Dominican Republic, and at a tender young age my parents migrated to Brooklyn where I had been ever since. It isnt difficult for me to admit that this is one of the best choices I have made in my lifetime- leaving the big city where I was raised then born and re-uniting with my family who came to Baltimore a year before I did.

Brooklyn is really more than a borough, a city, It’s STRONG to me. Maybe like how you might feel about your hometown but more. Being from Bedford Stuyvesant all my life made me the opposite of who I should be today. It’s that deep. A pure product of my environment with a twist. If you ever heard about New York or ever lived in any borough except for Brooklyn you might have to admit that you thought twice before taking the trip. Known of course for its rich culture, music and the arts, It’s also known to be one of the meanest places in New York! Dont take my word for it though, just dont walk through any of the inner city areas alone, especially at night! If you are brave enough bring a camera because you might see some things!

See For the most part im an integral guy but every now and then the Brooklyn in me rears its ugly head out in the open, of course, who’s wouldn’t?! To avoid that I always liked to keep a tight circle. I have a strong intuition and usually my points of views and demeanor don’t fit right with many people, looking as if I should be from the hood, but speaking as if I went to a good school. I love Brooklyn, and it will be a part of me until the day I die, but the best part is that I used what I learned there for the better. So ITS ALLLL GOOOD!

I have 3 years in Baltimore, and my growth is unprecedented. 3 years in Baltimore and I am almost the individual I see myself becoming. In that short amount of time (which is a pretty long time to me) my progress has been more than of those who I met 3
years ago.  Its only been 3 years but I seen the good, the bad, and the ugly, I seen success and I seen failure and everything in between. These 3 years have been more than I could ask for but I am thankful and I am blessed. I have spent the last 3 years of my life here and fell in love several times over. 3 is one of my favorite number’s, so the meaning is deeper and this year I have a plan
to leave. Its that feeling you get when you know you have traveled a distance but understand that there’s even more ground to cover.

I’m happy to be here, change is great, I’m glad I visited.


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