Turn The Page, Another Opportunity for Change

I Am Blessed

So all the turmoil and chaos won’t cease but flourish like a black flower torn from its soil only to bring up its dried but sharp roots to a point where we see no end to it huh? Isn’t it but a run on sentence how our minds are washed in a machine to only be cleansed of intelligence, knowledge and wisdom? Is it a benevolent beginning with a ending of happiness? Or is that a trick question? There’s no answer but God, as realization kicked the door of uncertainty off its hinges, walked in the room and said “I love you all” still everyone was frightened but only a few believed…

Stand for something or fall for anything a brother of mine once said at his firm stance. Never again will I question my purpose of being other than a being of purpose, and so my answer falls on my lap (3:33am) like wrinkled leaves after what the summer brings, and I am no longer a slave.

No deeper are my words than the reality that dreams are an escape. And so be it with my heart in my hand I will no longer mind things of low importance as if it was written for me to rise. As if it was destined for the likes of me to be nothing but a man with ideas that will change the course of many. I am blessed.


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