Turn The Page, Another Opportunity for Change

Yesenia’s Sweet 16

Its amazing what positive energy and a good attitude can do to the outcome of a project. I met Katie from Kap2ure Photography through a friend and we managed to have a few chats on Facebook before we actually met. I was working a busy shift at HandTalk Barbershop for awhile so every shoot I was invited to I couldn’t attend, until life happened and Katie contacted me once more at the perfect time. I wasn’t given much detail to this shoot so most of it was on the run since we all know its hard to maintain steady time on events like these. Everything was very fast paced and I only had the opportunity to shoot things once so this is the end product. I know we all have room for improvements but I’m satisfied with the content even as a newbie into the world of Videography because of how much time I dedicated into making it come to life. For your viewing pleasure here is the beautiful Yesenia on her 16th birthday.

Since then me and Katie have worked on many shoots together and I am happy to have someone as dedicated on my side.


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