Turn The Page, Another Opportunity for Change


In the mist of trying and not understanding, failing and getting back up, getting back up and

failing again I started to see a light. This light was as blinding as it was revealing. I seen

things i hadn’t seen before. It DAWNED on me that change was here and that I had to accept it. In

the words of Dewin- “your cheese moved nigga” and it was time to go. I’ve found something worth

fighting for and I’m fighting. I have been illuminated beyond measure to the point where it is

almost uncontrollable to try to balance whats happening now compared to what was yesterday.

Everyday a new adventure comes my way and I embark it with enough time to return to regular

scheduled programming. All a positive learning experience and I know that God is right here with

me. A special thank you to all who are part of it, to all who want to be, to all who don’t

believe, and to all that wont be. You make this worthwhile.

Anyways I got work to do.


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