Turn The Page, Another Opportunity for Change

A Message To My Brothers


I love ya. there’s nothing in this world that will change that… forever.

I write this to you because I wanted to catch up mentally, and break a few things down. There comes a time in a mans life where he feels he has to step up, at least some of us do. I feel a man is only a man if he stands for what he believes in with Gods word as guidance.

An outstanding man is one that stands with charisma and poise, enthusiastically knows how to address all people with respect and integrity, all the while maintaining morals, values, and a balance of character with righteous views toward his family unit and social behavior. That’s what it looks like from my point of view. In this state of mind that I am, where I want to become less of what I am and more of what I feel I am supposed to be, I feel that a man, such the likes of our father, is extraordinary. This man accompanied by his wife, our mother, have been the best team I ever witnessed play at the championship called life. But this isn’t a contest, and a real man knows that.

If I’m selfish sometimes let me know. Let me know if I am dishonest, if I contradict myself, if I am less of a human being than I should be. Let me know when I’m slipping, slacking, and slowing down. Because even if right now in this time frame of my life feel I might be going through a phase, I still need help, love, and support. We all do. At this point I feel I know what I want more than ever before and even if I don’t work you guys can still see that I am working toward God and my dreams. I have been blessed with the chance to chase my dreams while still living with my family and I know there’s nothing more important than love to keep moving us forward.”

I just had to say that to you guys.

God bless us all.


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