Turn The Page, Another Opportunity for Change

Breaking Day

I wont even begin to break down a regular busy day to start this off, I’m pretty sure that if you are reading this you must have some sort of free time on your hands. See cause maybe its just me, but lately life feels like its been moving at higher speeds. It cant be just me though because even the news mentioned it (Well my mother told me). Maybe its just the high levels of stress in the people, or maybe the speed at which life is moving is the cause of that stress, or vice versa. I mean take a look around, doesn’t everybody seem to be in a rush? Almost all day long? Like there isnt time for anything anymore. I mean consider this even if you’re reading this at rush hour (if you are in New York City this does not apply to you) here in Baltimore most of the time everything and everybody seems to be moving at the pace of ‘we have forever to live’ but even then its at a faster speed than I bet it was a few years ago. But for the trained eye it really looks as if we are all running out of time. Weird concept to attain if you look deeper into it.

The day before yesterday I went to sleep around 7am and woke up close to 1pm, I was up all night editing and doing homework (finals). Well after that I ended up going through my entire day, did more editing and homework, and before I knew it- it was 7am again. At that point I told myself that I was going to try and press my energy capacity. It reached 1am the next day. If I am writing this correctly it equates to over 36 hours of no sleep or rest. I did feel as if I had accomplished plenty, but I wouldn’t have felt that way if  I hadn’t broken the day. Crazy thing is I also feel I have much more work to do now. See the twist? I tried to catchup and I still feel left behind, and that’s why time feels like its just increasing its speed and it is not about to slow down.

So if you ask me, my advice is, if you are feeling this, or your witnessing it and feel like it applies to you- TAKE TIME SERIOUSLY! Don’t waste any of it. Even if it sounds like I am telling you to speed up with it, remember we cannot control time or the concept of it. We have to keep up. Oddly it feels as if we are on a crash course with history, and humanity is in the front seat. As fate shall have it I know I am not in control and I might never be. I will leave all of that up to God, I just hope that I can play my part. Until then I expect to maintain focus and keep my productivity levels at an all time high.

If we are running out of time I just hope to become a better human being by doing great things that help society in one way or another.


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