Turn The Page, Another Opportunity for Change

Ramirez Family Shoot

As an aspiring photographer, one can only hope to get as many photo shoots as possible. I quit my job about a month ago and I am currently in a position to do as much with my passion for photography and video as I can. Well about 2 Sundays ago I was blessed to be offered a shoot with the Ramirez family. I have my doubts but I think it came out pretty well. I understand that I am growing but after reviewing it- I see much that could have been different. While editing I noticed I could have done better with my lighting, as well as my composition. All in all I will let the audience decide. We shot this in their living room which I believe was 8×10 or a little larger and there was plenty of furniture so I didnt have much room to work with. I know there are no excuses though! I did try my best. What do you think?

Ramirez Family Quick Shoot



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