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Independent Film Premiere: Black Barbie

So yesterday was a great day for us. The story of who “us” are, goes way back and one day I might actually write about it. But anyways yesterday my good friend Allyn Camp got a preview of whats to come when his first directed feature film ‘Black Barbie’ SOLD OUT! Yes it was SO SOLD OUT that surprisingly we didn’t get shut down! After all the seats were filled up in the first screening room of The Charles Theater, the people just kept on coming in! I mean the entire entrance was blocked off and there were people sitting on the steps in between the isles, aside from the hallway with people that just COULDN’T get in (I was one of them). It was a great feeling for me watching last night unfold. I actually helped out a few times on a few scenes and participated in capturing some of the behind the scenes action as well. We had a lot of great people who helped all this happen, much respect to us all!

Still never let the feeling of accomplishment make us comfortable as we have a lot of work left to do. Actually I’m still editing the photos and hopefully they will be up later on tonight on TheStoryNevaEnds

In any case here is a synopsis written by the Director himself- you can find it at www.AlnysProductions.com

“Meet Bonnie Holliday, after a life changing event her family had to leave NYC.  They moved to Baltimore, Maryland for a fresh start.  Her brothers with their NY state of hustle took over the area and built an empire.  After one of her brothers was murdered and the other one sentenced to life in jail; she was left to run the family business at the age of twenty-one. As she rose to the top she was constantly at war with her male adversaries.  The DEA was closing in and her crew was falling like dominos or snitching. Welcome to the world of Baltimore “Murder Land” where most don’t survive to tell their story. Meet one of the few who lived it and left a mark in the game, Black Barbie.”

Black Barbie was written by Tra Verdejo

and here is the teaser-


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