Turn The Page, Another Opportunity for Change

Another Reason Why I Love Photography

Something about today got me to thinking about connections. Human connections. A person to a person, mind to mind. How many connections do we make in a year? How many do we keep? How many do we cherish and treasure? Think about it.

Something about being on Facebook today during my Color Theory class while speaking to a classmate about photography had me in the mood to shout a few people out. I went on my status and gave several people working hard locally in the visual world a good shout out with links to their work. Suddenly I start thinking about how many times someone has given me an ‘@” shout out for my work on ANYTHING (like once or twice). It dawned upon me that I am grateful, but these connections I have are real. Whats more personal than meeting somebody up and talking with them? KEEPING THOSE CONNECTIONS ALIVE ONLINE! Spreading the love in other words.

Later on I shouted out a few more people with links to their work (of course, I forgot a few) but the biggest surprise and shock hit me was when I decided to spend the rest of my time awake tonight on editing and uploading photos, photos of PEOPLE! People I’ve made a connection with. People I have captured with my digital vision, and many memories that would have long been forgotten through the phases of life, and if I hadn’t captured them that precise moment, I might have never seen them again.  Amazing.

That’s one thing about Life, it changes.

I will keep making connections. Now more than ever.

This blessing is just another reason why I love photography.

Link To Album “Faces”


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