Turn The Page, Another Opportunity for Change

Jeanette and Melvin’s Wedding 11-07-11

Ive been meaning to upload this for awhile now! Finally got around to it and I feel great! You see A humble photographer is usually his own worst critic, and I to say the least- am my own best friend and worst enemy. But to my personal dismay (you may say otherwise) I believe these photos have been some of the best I’ve shot in the wedding category. At this point in my career I have shot approximately 4 weddings, this being my 5th, which of course isn’t a lot, but you have to understand that I am far from a professional, but I have been pursuing photography as a career in the visual communications field for a little overt 2 years now.

Well the day before this wedding, which was a Sunday. I quit my job. I worked at Dewin’s HandTalk Barbershop for over 2 and a half years, and in one bad conversation which lasted about 5 minutes my time there as an employee was over. I packed up all of my belongings and since then I have been on my own. What more of a push would anybody need to pursue their dreams like never before? and so I did. That Monday I shot the wedding with more energy and enthusiasm than ever before. In all honesty I felt free. I broke a very long chain to my routine and I realized that my future is only in my hands. Being there at Jeanette’s house that beautiful cloudless morning, before anybody was dressed, and my earphones playing a song called “Ambition” from Wale’s sophomore album, made everything perfect.

The newlywed couple was perfect. The weather did not disagree. and I am honored to have captured it in all its glory.

I am here for a purpose, and I will not fail.

Hope you all enjoy!

PHOTOS ALBUM CAN BE FOUND @ TheStoryNeverEnds Photography on Facebook


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