Turn The Page, Another Opportunity for Change

TheStruggleContinues Again

Right. It isn’t too early to speak on it, its around the corner. Not an unusual feeling I think we all get around this time of the year. The hurry of Thanksgiving, Black Friday and then Christmas. An adrenaline rush to make enough money in 2 months to then blow it and give it all right back in a few hours. All the  #nodaysoff, challenges and lack of sleep. But Who can forget waking up on January 1st, about 1pm, a slight headache, dry mouth, pictures start flowing through your mind of the extravagant party the world usually throws on its 365th day of each calendar year. One would dare say that usually every year begins great, waking up to new aspirations, turning a new page, New Years resolutions and all that good stuff. Back on the chase to lose weight and do things differently, to slowly but surely land back in the same old routine within a few weeks.

It doesn’t go to say that we don’t like new things- We all love new things, like a breath of fresh air, reminds us that we are alive. I’ve learned that new things, like a new pair of sneakers, a new position at our jobs, or a new girlfriend, always change things even if only temporarily. Its like a spark, an impact, but just like a spark, a fire won’t light unless its on a flammable substance, and an impact won’t move unless it has enough force. This force only sparks motivation amongst very few people for a very short period of time and all i really did was take time out to notice the routine.

I guess all I’m trying to say is that there’s this similar problem I have every year, its a new thing, new time, new space, it starts new but it all ends the same.

TheStoryNeverEnds is currently a Baltimore based Visual Design company working its way against the grain of the standardized form of societies visions and expectations. I vow to be free, and I won’t let anything like a “New Year” drag me down with its untimely weight of worries as the only thing time is doing is going faster.

It sure doesn’t forgive, so use it wisely.


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